Q: What is a contributor? What is a voter?

A: Everyone is both a contributor and a voter! As a contributor, you contribute reports; as a voter, you vote for other good contributors (i.e., form your C-team).

*** Note: All the following answers are also available in the App's on-screen help messages (just tap a button located in the upper-right corner) ***

Q: What is a C-team?

A: Your C-team consists of all the contributors you vote for.

Q: Why should I form a C-team? And how?

A: Forming a strong C-team (consisting of "good" contributors) allows you to earn more credits (Trust Capital). "Good" contributors are those who actively contribute useful reports and hence have high Competency score.

The easiest way to form a good C-team is to simply tap “Choose for me” button and the system will recommend for you.

Of course you can always customize your C-team, by (1) adjusting a user's “Wt”, or (2) favoring a user (if you want to surely include her in your C-team) by tapping on her (you will see a HEART icon).

Note: Your new C-team will only take effect from midnight (GMT+8) onward.

Q: What is a V-team?

A: Your V-team consists of all your voters. Having a larger V-team increases your Trust Index which in turn will help you earn more credits (Trust Capital).

To have a larger V-team, you need to keep contributing useful reports (which will boost your Competency score) in order to attract more voters. As long as your Competency score is high, the system will recommend you to many other users so that they could vote for you!

Q: What is my Discovery Zone?

A: Discovery Zone is your “staging area” to host the candidates whom you want to consider when you form your C-team.

Q: What is Competency?

A: Competency indicates your recent contribution performance, updated daily. A higher Competency score (achieved by making good contributions) will give you better exposure in the Leaderboard and tend to attract a larger V-team (which boosts your Trust Index).

Q: What is Trust Index?

A: Trust Index indicates how much you are trusted by other users (in the range of 0--10), and a higher value lets you earn more credits each time when you contribute. To increase your Trust Index, you need to attract a larger V-team (by making good contributions). Trust Index is updated daily.

Q: What is Trust Capital?

A: Trust Capital is your total credits, updated instantly. You earn credits by (1) making good contributions or (2) forming a "strong" C-team. It is highly recommended and most effective to do BOTH.